Too Far


Luke came home from school yesterday “on red” – meaning he behaved so badly that they ran out of colors to assign. Poking. Hitting. Pushing. Being loud in the hall. You name it, Luke has been doing it. Well, except nudity…I think we have finally overcome that.

This morning as we drove to school, I ran down the list of the days do’s and don’ts:

  • DO make good choices
  • DO kind things
  • DO what your teachers asks of you, listen
  • DON’T hit. kick. push. whine. tattle. poke. pester. harass. run in the hall. blow on people. lick anyone. sit on your friends. dance on tables.

When I asked him if he liked when his friends did those things to him, he said no, so I tried to explain the Golden Rule. He didn’t really understand. So I tried explaining that say hitting or pushing people made people sad. He kind of nodded. Out of nowhere I blurted out “When we aren’t nice to our friends, it makes Jesus cry.” #toofar

This can only result in 3 endings: #1 he processes the sheer magnitude of those words and will be on purple the rest of the year. #2 Zero f*cks will be given. #3 this is a defining moment where he chooses to be a delinquent / future serial killer. Let’s pray for #1.


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