What They Don’t Tell You About Having a Boy

I have been on record many times saying that I was meant to have a daughter. I love all things pink and flowery with unicorns and hearts on everything. I remember holding my breath as my beautiful son was born thinking maybe the blood test and 1000 ultrasounds were wrong…it could still be a girl. But God gave me a son for a reason, so I blindly but happily go through life as a #boymom .

All of that being said, no one ever told me that having a son would mean only having a few early years of dressing him in Polo, madris, Sperrys and all things deliciously preppy. We have been in phase 2 of “fashion” for awhile now, but little things like Luke’s new TMNT shoes remind me that I no longer have a say in what’s cute. Matt takes Luke shoe shopping now, bc I just can’t even. I have been known to lie to my precious son when he picks up a loud character shirt and tell him they don’t have his size. I am actually thankful for school uniforms.

Wouldn’t trade him for the world, but I do look forward to some cooler clothes in the near future. 


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