Kindness counts

This is the face of a boy who loves a new book, especially when it’s Pete the Cat. He will it around and sleep with it for weeks, and I love it because it means we are raising a grateful child.  

The road to receive this book however was a bumpy one.

I bought this book and a Pete the Cat doll (of course) because Luke had a nice little streak of good behavior in school this week – and because I like to give presents. But when he got home [cue the dramatic music] he announced that he was on yellow at school today because he didn’t follow directions. Luke generalizes this term and could mean putting his body all over other kids, talking when he wasn’t supposed to or not listening to his teachers. 

Luke’s Friday afternoon reward was quickly stashed for a later date.

FFWD to bedtime. This child acts. a. fool. So much so that he ends up frustrated and cries. Then I get frustrated and cry. This child stands up, hugs me, gives me a kiss and then goes into the bathroom. And brings me a tissue. A TISSUE. 

I’m dead.

Armed with knowledge that I’m probably not raising a tyrant or future serial killer, I run downstairs and get his book. He may have not made the best choices today or been a good listener, but Luke was kind. Kind without an agenda or because he thought he would be rewarded, but kind because it’s who he is. 

Kindness matters. Always. 


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