“3 Secrets That Will Potty Train Your Child In Just 3 Days”


Seeing articles about training kids (especially boys) to use the potty in *just 3 days* makes me laugh. Every time. What makes me think that I can boot camp my kid into abandoning their pull-up when I can’t get to make a rational decision about, well – anything. Have you met my son?

In case you want to read the hilarious article, be my guest.

If you want the real secrets to potty training your son – pain free – here are mine:

  1. Casually discuss the potty. Read potty books. Show him the potty but by all means, don’t make them sit on it all day. If you ask them if they want to do it and they say no, abort mission.
  2. Send them to preschool with their favorite pull-ups.
  3. Hope that there are older boys in your son’s class that wears underwear. Full-time.
  4. Wait for you precious child to connect the dots and ask for underwear of this own.
  5. Stand back and watch your child wear underwear, go to the bathroom on his own and never look back. He probably knew all along but just felt like being lazy and giving zero flips about it because he is a guy and sitting in a hot diaper doesn’t faze him.

Seriously. don’t waste the tears, threats and swear words…wait for the lightbulb to come on, the switch to flip. If you the lucky chosen one who has tackled it in 3 days (or heck 30 days) – I applaud you. I kinda miss the days of diapers, but just the days I have to clean the bathroom of a 5 year old boy. 



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