Waking up on a Monday morning is hard. Waking up anytime in the 4:00 hour is simply ridiculous. I got the boy to school early with all his belongings and I didn’t fall asleep in the bathroom mid-morning – so #winning.

Weekend wrap-up: Wake-up -> Make breakfast -> Chores -> Nap -> Birthday Party -> Birthday Dinner -> Bed -> Sleep -> 7:45 Church -> Breakfast -> Chores -> Nap -> Chores -> Dinner -> Bed

Recipes for this week: Chicken Diane with mashed potatoes and green beans, Chicken Adobo Tacos with Mexican street corn, Seared Flat Iron Steak w/ Garlic-Chive Butter with buttermilk biscuits and pecorino zucchini and finally Blue Cheese and Green Onion-Crusted Bone-In Pork Chop. Full recipes to come!

Next on the agenda: looking at my gym bag. It’s been in my office since last week and has yet to make an actual voyage to the gym. TBD.


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